Conversations on Community Spaces - National Hellenic Museum

The National Hellenic Museum will be closed to the public from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM on Friday, June 16 due to a private event.

Conversations on Community Spaces

The Museum’s first floor exhibit explores the theme of community: How are communities formed? What or who constitutes a community? Why are communities important? Visitors are invited to join the conversation by contributing to our chalkboard walls, which pose questions like these throughout the exhibit. The walls are paired with architectural models of community spaces, courtesy of Sacred Spaces International, which encourage us to consider the ways in which community needs have shaped the spaces that serve them. Placed in conversation with one another and viewed within the context of the National Hellenic Museum, these models allow us to reflect on our own community experiences and gain a deeper appreciation for communities that may differ from our own.

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