CHANGE: The Story of Coins opened on March 4, 2018, on the second floor of the Museum. This interactive display portrays how coins are important financial, cultural and political tools.
Visitors explore the many ways in which Hellenic culture influenced the use, production, and design of coins from early use to today. Themes of mythology, trade of goods, power, imagery and value are examined across this hands-on exhibit.
CHANGE: The Story of Coins features 29 coins, which date from the Hellenistic Period to the early Roman period (336 BCE-55 CE). Accompanying these coins is a section focusing on Alexander the Great’s impact on the spread of Hellenism.
Through coins visitors can learn about the values of the people who minted them, the rulers who governed, and the art and religion of the people who used them. Coins can reveal stories about the rise and fall of empires and movement across trade routes.
Join us at the National Hellenic Museum to explore the legacy of Hellenic coins!

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