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The Greek Monsters

Ended May 2015
Presented as contemporary symbols, the goal of the Greek Monsters is to reestablish Greek mythology’s position in the heart of western civilization. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the monsters and their stories in order to reintroduce a timeless Greek creative identity and strengthen the position of contemporary Greece in the global creative map.
The post-black-figured visual style of the Greek monsters in the exhibition is based upon the original illustrations by Beetroot for a book titled “The Misunderstood Monsters of Greek Mythology.” The exhibition consists of three-dimensional figures, small sculptures, graffiti paintings, and audiovisual and interactive components. Each item is paired with an information plate that presents poems or philosophy that each monster stands for, rather than its origin and history.
Each time the exhibition reaches a new destination on its worldwide tour, a brand new monster is designed to pay respect to its new host. Chicago’s monster is the Lernaia Hydra, part statue and part painting, with heads that are symbolically removed and renewed.


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