Dr. George J. Korkos† - National Hellenic Museum

The National Hellenic Museum will be closed to the public from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM on Friday, June 16 due to a private event.

President, Plastic Surgery Associates, Rejuva Skin Care & Laser Center

Dr. George J. Korkos serves as the President of both Plastic Surgery Associates and Rejuva Skin Care & Laser Center, and serves as Associate Clinical Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He is Co-founder and former Contact Director and Investor of the Milwaukee Bucks Expansion Basketball Team. He has been Chairman and Member of Business Advisory Board at Sleep Holdings, Inc. since September 2007.  Dr. Korkos is a Director at Fibrocell Science, Inc. since July 2010, and serves as a Member of Advisory Board of Skinvisible Inc. He has served as scientific Advisory Board Member of Cellgen Company, Sleep Holding Company, and Skin Visible Company. He is and has been a member of numerous prestigious medical societies, is an experienced academic lecturer and author and has presented on a variety of plastic and reconstructive surgery topics at meetings of regional and national medical associations. During his career, Dr. Korkos has earned a number of humanitarian awards, including the Outstanding Distinguished Alumnus Award for the Medical College of Wisconsin. He was also honored with the prestigious Hellene Award and the Ellis Island Award in New York.

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